Rima Rampersaud

Rima Rampersaud

Conveyancing Executive

As a recent addition to the Guardian Solicitors conveyancing team, Rima not only brings 12 years’ experience as a conveyancing specialist but also a large client following.

She takes pride in the client loyalty that she has built up as a result of her outstanding service, saying customers often switch legal firms to continue working with her. Only recently, she says, she completed a difficult transaction involving a complex commercial issue. “The client sent me some really beautiful flowers with the words ‘You’ve got a client for life now!’ ”

‘Readily available on the phone’

“I try to take a practical approach, be as informative as possible, and be readily available on the phone,” she says. “I see no point in holding onto a transaction; I try to get things done as quickly as possible.” She says that estate agents appreciate the way she works; she is proactive and quickly determines how to best solve an issue.

Rima began her first job as a legal assistant in 2000 when she started training as a conveyancing executive. She took a break for four years to work as director of legal operations for a claims management firm before returning to conveyancing as a locum and then joining Guardian Solicitors in December 2014. She read computer science and economics at Manchester Met University.

Rima believes the key challenge in conveyancing is holding together the “chain” of property transactions often necessary before a house sale or purchase. She says that, although her client may be ready to exchange, others in the chain may not be: “I have to manage my client’s expectations and bring in a sense of reality.”

Her motivation is knowing she is making a difference: “The clients may be a bit nervous and they rely on us to give them the service to get there in the end.”

Interests: Travelling and immersing herself in different languages and cultures; building up the business